What Are the Best Places to Stay in Italy?

By Anna Duncan

Italy is a stunning country with an immense amount of things to do and see. With its beautiful beaches, historic cities and breathtaking countryside, it’s no wonder so many people make a beeline for the boot-shaped country when planning their vacation. But when it comes to deciding where to stay, it can be hard to choose from all the amazing options available.

Lake Como is one of the most popular places to stay in Italy. Located in Lombardy in northern Italy, this beautiful lake is surrounded by stunning scenery including rolling hills and mountains, quaint villages, and stunning villas. The lake itself offers visitors plenty of activities such as boat trips or simply relaxing on the shoreline admiring the views.

The Amalfi Coast is another great option for those looking for an unforgettable stay. This area has some of Italy’s most spectacular coastline with dramatic cliffs, crystal clear waters and picturesque villages. Visitors can explore the historical towns of Amalfi and Positano or take a boat trip around the coast admiring its beauty from the sea.

Tuscany is perhaps one of Italy’s most iconic regions and there are plenty of wonderful places to stay here. From rustic farmhouses nestled in olive groves to luxurious villas overlooking vineyards, Tuscany has something for everyone. There are also plenty of attractions to explore such as Renaissance art galleries, ancient hilltop towns or even hot air balloon rides over the countryside.

Rome, Italy’s capital city is filled with history and culture that makes it a fantastic place to visit. From ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and Pantheon to Renaissance art galleries like Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel, there really is something for everyone here.

There are also plenty of hotels ranging from budget-friendly hostels to five-star luxury suites.

Sicily, located at the southern tip of Italy offers visitors an interesting mix of cultures including Greek, Roman and Arabic influences. This region has some beautiful beaches offering sunseekers a chance to relax on golden sands while exploring nearby historical sites such as Mount Etna or ancient Greek temples.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, there are plenty of amazing places to stay in Italy that offer something different to suit every taste and budget.


From lakeside resorts in Lake Como to luxurious villas in Tuscany or beachfront apartments on Sicily’s coastline – there truly is something for everyone when it comes to choosing where best places to stay in Italy!