What Are the Best Places to Travel in December?

By Michael Ferguson

December is a great time to travel and take advantage of holiday deals and enjoy the winter weather. Whether you want to explore the snow-covered mountains or bask in the tropical sun, there are many exciting places to visit in December. From scenic beaches to bustling cities, here are some of the best places to travel in December.

1. Mexico City, Mexico – December is a great time to visit Mexico City as the weather is mild and there are plenty of activities for travelers of all ages.

There are world-class museums, ancient ruins, lively marketplaces, gorgeous colonial architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Plus, you can take advantage of great holiday deals and discounts on flights and accommodations.

2. New York City, USA – New York City is one of the best places to visit during December for its festive holiday decorations and events.

There’s something for everyone – from ice skating at Rockefeller Center to shopping on Fifth Avenue or seeing a Broadway show. And don’t forget about all the delicious food you can find in this culinary capital!

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – December is a great time to visit Rio de Janeiro as it enjoys hot temperatures year round with very little rain.

Enjoy the stunning beaches like Copacabana or Ipanema or explore the city’s vibrant culture with its numerous museums and galleries. And don’t forget about Carnival! It’s one of the most popular festivals in Brazil that takes place in February.

4. Bali, Indonesia – For those looking for a tropical getaway in December, Bali is an ideal destination with its warm temperatures and beautiful beaches.

Enjoy exploring ancient temples like Uluwatu Temple or relaxing on one of Bali’s many beaches like Seminyak Beach or Nusa Dua Beach. You can also find plenty of delicious food from traditional Balinese cuisine to international fare.

5. Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo is an amazing city year round but it’s particularly magical during December when it’s decorated with Christmas lights and decorations throughout the city center.

There are plenty of attractions to explore like Tokyo Tower or Senso-ji temple as well as unique dining experiences like sushi bars or izakayas (Japanese pubs). Plus you can find plenty of shopping opportunities from local markets to department stores.

No matter where you decide to go in December there are sure to be plenty of exciting experiences waiting for you! From bustling cities full of holiday cheer to sunny beach getaways perfect for soaking up some Vitamin D, there are so many amazing places you can travel during this festive month.


December offers numerous options for travelers seeking adventure; whether it be skiing down snowy slopes or sunbathing on white sand beaches – there truly is something for everyone! From Mexico City’s lively street life to Tokyo’s Christmas decorations – these five destinations offer diverse experiences that will make your winter holiday truly special.