What Are the Best Places to Work as a Teenager?

By Alice Nichols

Working as a teenager can be a great way to gain independence and earn money. Having a job while still in school can help teens learn essential skills like budgeting, time management, and responsibility. It also teaches them how to interact with customers and colleagues.

Finding the right job where teens can be successful and feel comfortable is of the utmost importance. There are some places that have been known to be especially beneficial for teenagers looking for employment.

Fast-Food Restaurants – Many fast-food restaurants are perfect for teens who are just starting out in the workforce. Fast-food restaurants often offer flexible hours which makes it easier for teens to juggle their school schedule with their job. They also provide valuable customer service experience, which can help teens learn how to communicate effectively with customers and deal with difficult situations.

Retail Stores – Retail stores are another great option for teenagers who want to work while in school. Working in retail stores gives teens the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis, which helps them develop customer service skills that will serve them well in any future career. Plus, many retail stores offer flexible hours that accommodate school schedules while still providing enough hours to make some extra money.

Tutoring Services – Tutoring services are an excellent choice for teenagers who have an interest in teaching or tutoring others in specific subject areas. Tutoring services often require applicants to have prior experience or knowledge of certain topics, so this job is best suited for those who excel academically or have taken advanced classes in their area of study. Working as a tutor also provides invaluable teaching experience that can look good on college applications or resumes down the line.

Babysitting/Nannying – Babysitting and nannying are great options for teenage girls who want to work but don’t necessarily want a traditional part-time job outside of their home. These jobs allow teens to work flexible hours while still getting paid well and learning valuable skills like communication and problem solving when dealing with children or parents they’re working with.


Overall, there are many great opportunities available for teens looking to enter the workforce while they’re still in high school or college. Fast food restaurants, retail stores, tutoring services, and babysitting/nannying are all great options that provide valuable experience while allowing teenagers to make some extra money.