What Are the Characteristics of the “Best Places to Work”?

By Michael Ferguson

The “best places to work” as defined by Fortune Magazine, Glassdoor and other publications, are the organizations that offer their employees a great working environment, excellent salaries and benefits, and meaningful work. The characteristics of these organizations that make them stand out include:

Culture & Values:

The most successful organizations have a strong culture that is based on a set of core values.

Every employee in the organization should understand these values and strive to uphold them in their daily work. These values typically include things like integrity, respect, trustworthiness, and collaboration.

Employee Engagement:

The best places to work take the time to make sure their employees feel engaged with the company. This may involve offering opportunities for professional development, hosting team-building activities or providing flexible work hours. Employee engagement is an important part of creating an effective workplace.


Organizations need strong leadership in order to be successful. The best places to work provide their employees with leaders who are committed to fostering an environment where everyone can grow and contribute. These leaders should also be knowledgeable about the industry and able to effectively communicate the company’s goals.

Reward & Recognition:

The best places to work recognize the contributions of their employees through rewards such as bonuses or promotions. This not only helps motivate employees but also encourages them to continue striving for excellence.


The characteristics of the “best places to work” are essential components in creating an effective workplace environment where everyone can thrive. A strong culture based on core values, employee engagement, experienced leadership and recognition for hard work all help create an atmosphere where success is possible.