What Are the Crew Quarters Like on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

For those who have ever wondered what living quarters look like on a cruise ship, the reality is usually quite different from what one might expect. Cruise ships are large vessels that house thousands of passengers and crew, so it stands to reason that crew quarters would be much smaller and more cramped than the luxurious rooms found in the passenger areas.

In most cases, there is an area designated for the crew that consists of a variety of small cabins, or “berths”. These berths are typically shared between two or three people, and are equipped with bunk beds, a small bathroom, and basic amenities like a television, fridge, and sink. On some ships there may also be a communal area where crew members can gather to eat or relax during their off-duty hours.

The size of the crew quarters can vary greatly depending on the size of the vessel and its layout. Generally speaking, newer ships tend to have larger cabins for their crew members than older vessels do. However, even on newer ships these cabins may still be quite cramped due to limited space available on board.

While cruise ship cabins may not be as spacious as those found in luxury hotels on land, they serve an important purpose: they provide a place for crew members to rest and recharge while they’re away from home. Additionally, many ships provide additional amenities such as laundry facilities and internet access to help make life at sea more comfortable for their staff.


Overall, cruise ship crew quarters are much smaller than those found in hotels on land; however they offer essential amenities such as bunk beds and basic furnishings for staff members to rest their heads during their time away from home. Though some cabins may be more cramped than others depending on the size of the vessel, most ships will provide additional amenities such as laundry facilities or internet access to make life at sea more comfortable for their staff.