What Are the Decks on a Cruise Ship Called?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise ship is an amazing way to experience the world, and with all of the modern amenities on board, it’s easy to forget about the basics. But what about the decks on a cruise ship? What are they called and how do they contribute to your cruise experience?

The decks on a cruise ship are typically divided into three main categories: upper decks, mid-decks, and lower decks. Upper decks are typically at the highest point of the ship, offering expansive views of the ocean and other vessels.

Mid-decks are usually in the middle of the vessel and house most of the cabins and other areas of public interest such as restaurants, shops, and lounges. Lower decks are generally located near the water line and contain engine rooms, storage areas, crew quarters, and more.

The names of these different deck levels can vary from ship to ship but are typically named after Greek gods or characters from Greek mythology. For example, some ships may have an “Olympus Deck” at the top level or a “Titanic Deck” at one of their mid-deck levels. Other common deck names include Neptune Deck (for upper decks), Poseidon Deck (for mid-decks), or Hades Deck (for lower decks).


Each deck may also provide different amenities depending on its level. Upper decks may feature pools or spas for passengers to enjoy while taking in stunning views from above.

Mid-decks may include restaurants with indoor or outdoor seating for passengers to enjoy meals while taking in beautiful ocean views from below. Lower decks may contain various recreational activities such as casinos or arcades for passengers to enjoy during their down time while still enjoying some fresh ocean air.


Cruise ships offer unique experiences for travelers around the world and each deck plays an important role in creating a memorable voyage. The different levels are typically named after Greek gods or characters from Greek mythology and offer different amenities depending on its level ranging from pools on upper levels to arcades on lower levels. With so many options available no matter what level you choose you’re sure to have a great time!