What Are the Positions on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are a popular form of travel for many people across the world due to their affordability and convenience. There are many different roles that one can fill on a cruise ship, from entertaining passengers to providing technical support and everything in between.

In order to understand the types of positions that exist on cruise ships, one must first be familiar with the various departments that make up a typical vessel.

Department of Safety: This department is responsible for the overall safety of the passengers and crew aboard the ship. This department includes security personnel, medical staff, fire safety personnel, and lifeboat personnel.

Department of Engineering: This department is responsible for maintaining the mechanical operation of the ship. It includes engineers and technicians who are responsible for maintaining all types of machinery, such as engines, pumps, electrical systems, navigation systems, etc.

Department of Housekeeping: Housekeeping staff is responsible for cleaning public areas and cabins throughout the vessel ensuring they meet health standards. They are also responsible for replenishing linen and other supplies as needed.

Department of Food & Beverage: Food & Beverage staff is responsible for preparing meals and drinks as well as providing room service to guests on board. They may also assist with organizing special events or functions held on board such as weddings or receptions.

Department of Entertainment: The Entertainment department is responsible for organizing activities and entertainment events that take place during the voyage. This may include musical performances, theater shows, quizzes or games nights etc., designed to keep passengers entertained throughout their voyage.


These five departments form the main structure aboard a cruise ship, but there are many more positions available including deckhands who clean decks and maintain equipment; hospitality staff who provide customer service; IT technicians who maintain computer systems; administrative staff who handle paperwork; pursers who oversee accounts; photographers who capture memories; retail staff who manage shops onboard; spa personnel who provide beauty treatments; fitness instructors who lead classes; etc.

Cruise ships offer an array of opportunities to those looking for an exciting career at sea!