What Are the Requirements to Be a Bartender on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ship bartenders have the unique opportunity to visit many different ports of call, meet a variety of passengers and create an enjoyable atmosphere while mixing drinks. Cruise ship bartenders must meet certain requirements in order to be employed in this position.

Education Requirements
Cruise ship bartenders do not need a college degree, but they do need at least a high school diploma or GED. Cruise ship bartenders may also benefit from attending bartending classes, which provide them with more knowledge and practice in mixing drinks.

Certification requirements
Cruise ship bartenders should have their ServSafe Alcoholâ„¢ certification from the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation (NRAEF).

This certification meets the legal requirements for alcohol service on a cruise ship. It is also beneficial for career advancement.

Age Requirements
The minimum age requirement for a cruise ship bartender is 18 years old, or 21 years old if they will be serving alcohol. This requirement varies by country and cruise line, so it is important to check with the cruise line prior to applying.

Experience Requirements
Having work experience as a bartender is helpful but not required. However, having knowledge of different types of beverages and drinks, as well as customer service experience, will be beneficial when applying for this position.

To be a bartender on a cruise ship requires meeting certain education and certification requirements, as well as being at least 18 years old (or 21 if they will be serving alcohol). Work experience is not required but is beneficial when applying for this position.