What Are the Sides of a Cruise Ship Called?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ships are large, luxurious vessels that allow passengers to take a break from their daily lives and enjoy a unique, exciting vacation experience. Cruise ships are typically divided into two sides, port and starboard.

The port side is the left side of the ship when facing forward, while the starboard side is the right side. Both sides of the ship offer passengers different experiences and amenities.

Amenities on the Port Side

The port side typically houses many of the ship’s restaurants and bars, as well as shops and entertainment venues. A majority of cabins on cruise ships are also located on this side.

Passengers will also find pools and hot tubs located on the port side of most ships. Other amenities can include everything from casinos to movie theaters.

Amenities on the Starboard Side

The starboard side of a cruise ship is typically home to many outdoor activities such as swimming pools, sun decks, shuffleboard courts, mini golf courses, basketball courts, and rock climbing walls. Some ships also feature outdoor movie screens or an open-air amphitheater for live entertainment. Passengers can also find lounges, coffee shops, and other relaxing spots to escape from their hectic day-to-day lives.


In conclusion, cruise ships are divided into two sides – port and starboard – each offering its own unique amenities for passengers to enjoy. From restaurants to swimming pools and hot tubs to entertainment venues, there is something for everyone on either side of a cruise ship.