What Business Jobs Travel the Most?

By Michael Ferguson

Business jobs that require frequent travel may be demanding, but they can also be quite rewarding. Whether you’re traveling for a conference, to meet with a potential client, or just to explore new places, the opportunity to see the world while doing your job can be invaluable. But what sorts of business jobs require the most travel?

Management Consultants are often expected to travel frequently in order to meet with clients and potential customers in different parts of the world. They often need to be onsite at their clients’ locations in order to better understand their operations and make informed recommendations. Management consultants usually specialize in a certain type of industry or business process, so their expertise is highly sought after.

Sales Representatives also must do a lot of traveling in order to meet with potential customers and build relationships with existing ones. They often have to go on trips lasting from a few days up to several weeks at a time in order to visit different cities and regions that could benefit from their products or services. Sales reps must be personable and persuasive in order to convince prospects why they should purchase from them.

Product Managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a product’s life cycle, which includes identifying market opportunities, developing strategies for success, and launching new products. As such, product managers must often travel in order to gather customer feedback and stay abreast of industry trends. They must also attend conferences and trade shows where they can network with potential partners and showcase their products.


Business jobs that require frequent travel can be quite demanding but also rewarding at the same time. Management consultants, sales representatives, and product managers typically have the most amount of travel associated with them due to their need for onsite visits with clients or prospects as well as attending conferences and trade shows.