What Cruise Ship Is Under Arrest?

By Robert Palmer

What Cruise Ship Is Under Arrest?

The MSC Opera has been arrested by Italian authorities after a collision with the River Countess river cruise ship in Venice, Italy. The incident took place on June 2nd, 2019. The MSC Opera, a cruise liner owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), was attempting to berth at the port of Venice when it collided with the river vessel, injuring four people and causing severe damage to both boats.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and it is currently unclear what caused the collision. However, according to initial reports from witnesses and local officials, it appears that the MSC Opera was traveling too quickly and failed to slow down or stop before reaching the port. This resulted in a collision with the River Countess, which was unable to move out of the way in time.

The captain of the MSC Opera has been taken into custody by Italian authorities, who are now conducting an investigation into his actions leading up to and during the incident. In addition, they are also looking into why there were no safety measures in place that could have prevented or minimized the damage caused by this accident.

The damages caused by this accident are extensive and have forced both boats to remain docked until repairs can be made. The River Countess suffered severe damage to its hull and superstructure while five passengers aboard were injured in varying degrees due to flying debris from the collision.

The incident has sparked outrage among Venetians who feel that cruise ships bring too much pollution and congestion into their city’s fragile ecosystem. Local politicians have also called for stricter regulations on cruise ships entering Venice’s port while some environmental groups have called for a complete ban on large vessels entering Venetian waters altogether.

For now, however, it appears that justice will be served as Italian authorities continue their investigation into this tragic incident involving an MSC cruise liner. As such, it remains unclear what penalties or punishments may be handed down to those found responsible for this accident but one thing is certain-the MSC Opera will remain under arrest until all investigations are concluded.

Conclusion: The MSC Opera is currently under arrest by Italian authorities following a collision with another vessel near Venice on June 2nd 2019 which left four passengers injured and both boats severely damaged. Investigations are still ongoing but it appears that the captain of the cruise liner was traveling too quickly when approaching port which led to a collision with another boat unable to move out of its way in time. Until such time as all investigations are concluded into this tragic incident, however, justice must be served and as such-the MSC opera remains under arrest awaiting its fate.