What Cruise Ship Just Left Fort Lauderdale?

By Michael Ferguson

The MSC Seaside cruise ship just left Fort Lauderdale on December 30th, 2019. The MSC Seaside is a large passenger vessel that offers travelers a variety of luxurious amenities and activities while they sail the seas. It is part of the MSC Cruises fleet, which has become one of the world’s leading cruise operators since its establishment in 1988.

The MSC Seaside is 1,055 feet long and 131 feet wide and weighs 155,000 tons. It can accommodate up to 5,179 passengers and 1,413 crew members in its 16 decks. Onboard this cruise ship there are many amenities to choose from including three swimming pools, six restaurants and eating establishments, numerous bars and lounges, a casino, theater, spa and fitness center, shopping mall and much more.

The MSC Seaside also offers many different activities for its passengers to enjoy during their voyage. These include water slides for both adults and children, rock climbing walls for those looking for an adrenaline rush as well as a ropes course.

There are also various sports courts available as well as a jogging track for fitness enthusiasts. In addition to all these activities passengers can also take advantage of onboard performances such as live music concerts or Broadway shows.

For those looking for some adventure off the ship there are plenty of shore excursions available. These include snorkeling trips in Aruba or exploring ancient ruins in Mexico City just to name a few. As the largest port in Florida Fort Lauderdale provides an ideal starting point for any Caribbean cruise.


The MSC Seaside just left Fort Lauderdale on December 30th 2019 offering travelers an unforgettable experience filled with luxurious amenities and exciting activities. With its vast array of onboard entertainment options as well as shore excursions available this cruise ship provides something for everyone to enjoy during their voyage.