What Cruise Ship Ports Are in California?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ship ports in California offer some of the most incredible voyages to explore the beautiful coastline of the golden state. From San Diego to San Francisco, the ports of California allow travelers to experience a variety of unique destinations along the Pacific Coast.

The Port of Los Angeles is one of the busiest cruise ship ports in California. The port offers cruises on a variety of ships, including Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines. Voyages range from 3-day mini cruises to 19-day grand tours and include stops in Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska.

San Diego is another popular port for cruise ships departing from California. Its prime location allows travelers to explore the stunning sights of Baja California, Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. A variety of cruises are available from San Diego, ranging from 3-day getaways to 14-day journeys around South America or around the Hawaiian Islands.

San Francisco’s cruise ship port is located near Fisherman’s Wharf in the heart of downtown. This port offers travelers breathtaking views along their journey as they sail along the coast on voyages that last anywhere from a few days up to a month or longer. Popular destinations include Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico’s Sea of Cortez with its magnificent wildlife.

The Port of Long Beach is also home to several cruise ships that specialize in exploring natural wonders like whale watching along the Pacific Coast or trips through Central America’s Panama Canal and Costa Rica’s rainforests.


California’s ports offer travelers an amazing opportunity to explore some incredible destinations along the Pacific Coast on board luxurious cruise ships with comfortable accommodations and all kinds of amenities onboard. From San Diego up to San Francisco, there are plenty of options for passengers looking for an unforgettable vacation experience at sea!