What Cruise Ship Was Hit by a Rogue Wave?

By Anna Duncan

On April 3rd, 2018, the world was left shocked when news of a rogue wave hitting a cruise ship and causing injuries spread like wildfire. The cruise ship in question was the Norwegian Dawn, operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

The Norwegian Dawn had set sail from the port of New York on March 28th and was en route to Bermuda when disaster struck. The wave that hit the ship was estimated to be about 30 feet high and it caused significant damage to the vessel. Reports claim that it cracked the glass on one of the decks and nearly capsized the entire ship.

Fortunately, due to quick thinking from the crew, no lives were lost in this incident and only minor injuries were reported. The captain managed to steer the ship back into calmer waters before anyone was seriously hurt. However, several passengers were taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises.

The cause of this rogue wave remains unknown but some experts believe it could have been caused by an underwater landslide or earthquake. Others claim that it could have been due to strong winds or a freak storm in the area at the time. Regardless of what caused it, this incident serves as a reminder that safety should always be given top priority when out at sea.

Conclusion: On April 3rd 2018, a 30-foot tall rogue wave hit the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship while it was en route to Bermuda from New York City. While there were some minor injuries reported, luckily no lives were lost thanks to quick thinking from the crew onboard. The cause of this rogue wave is still unknown but it serves as an important reminder for passengers and crews alike about how important safety is when sailing at sea.