What Defines a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise ship is a large, luxurious vessel designed for leisure travel on water. It has multiple decks, expansive public areas, and accommodations for hundreds of passengers.

Cruise ships are designed to provide an all-encompassing vacation experience, offering a variety of activities and amenities for travelers to enjoy. The size and scope of the cruise experience can vary drastically from ship to ship, depending on the company operating the vessel, its size, and its destination.

The modern cruise industry began in the late 19th century when luxury liners were first introduced by Cunard Line and White Star Line. These vessels were designed to transport passengers across oceans in style and comfort. As technology improved, so did the size of these ships, eventually becoming what we now recognize as today’s cruise ships.

Today’s cruise ships offer a wide range of activities and amenities onboard that aim to please every type of traveler. From pools and spas to movie theaters and casinos, cruises have something for everyone. Passengers are also generally provided with all-inclusive meals in buffet or fine dining restaurants, plus access to nightclubs, shops, and shows that give them an opportunity to enjoy their vacation at sea.

Cruise lines also offer plenty of shore excursions for passengers wanting to explore their destination during their trip. These outings may include sightseeing tours or activities like swimming with dolphins or visiting historical sites. Cruise ships usually have helpful staff that can help guide passengers through each port stop so they can make the most out of their time ashore.

Overall, what defines a cruise ship is its ability to provide passengers with an extraordinary level of comfort while transporting them around the world in style. With its many amenities onboard and activities ashore, cruising provides travelers with an unparalleled vacation experience that they will never forget.


A cruise ship is defined by its luxurious features both onboard and ashore which provide travelers with an unforgettable experience while they explore new destinations around the world in comfort and style.