What Disney Cruise Ship Is the Newest?

By Robert Palmer

The newest Disney Cruise Ship is the Disney Wish, which was just unveiled in 2021. This ship is the fifth in the Disney Cruise Line family and offers an entirely new level of luxury and experience for families and friends alike.

The ship boasts a number of unique features, from its grand atrium to its innovative AquaDunk water coaster. Plus, it includes several exciting activities for all ages, from character meet-and-greets to special culinary experiences.

The Grand Atrium is one of the most impressive features of the Disney Wish. This magnificent lobby spans two decks and includes a stunning glass staircase as well as a beautiful ceiling mural depicting magical figures from classic Disney films. Guests will also find dazzling chandeliers, interactive entertainment, and a variety of shops and restaurants throughout the atrium.

Innovative Entertainment is another highlight of this cruise line. Guests can take a ride on the AquaDunk body slide that shoots riders out over the side of the ship into a pool below. There are also outdoor screens on each side of the ship that play movies during select nights at sea, as well as virtual reality experiences in some cabins.

Family-Friendly Activities are also plentiful on board this new vessel. Guests can meet their favorite characters at special meet-and-greets or get moving with lively dance parties hosted by various Disney characters throughout each day. Special activities like pajama parties, movie nights, and trivia games keep everybody entertained during their voyage.

Culinary Experiences are another highlight aboard the Disney Wish. Guests have plenty of options when it comes to dining onboard this luxurious vessel because there are six different themed restaurants to choose from. From fine Italian cuisine to casual seafood dishes, there’s something for everyone’s palate on this cruise line.


The newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line family is undoubtedly one of its most impressive ships yet: The Disney Wish! From its grand atrium to its innovative entertainment offerings and family-friendly activities, guests will find plenty of exciting things to do on board this luxurious vessel – not to mention all of its delicious culinary experiences!