What Do Business Travel Agents Offer?

By Anna Duncan

Business travel agents offer an invaluable service to companies, small and large. By working with the right travel agent, businesses can save time and money on their business trips. Agents are knowledgeable about destinations, airlines, booking systems and can also help provide advice on the best deals available.

Business travel agents provide advice and assistance on a range of topics. They can advise on the best routes to take and the most cost-effective flights.

They can also help with scheduling, which includes the coordination of multiple people travelling to the same location. Agents have access to different airline fares which may not be available through a booking engine or website.

Business travel agents are also experienced in working with corporate clients who require a high level of customer service. They understand the complexities of business travel and can provide advice on how to make trips as efficient as possible. This includes suggesting alternative routes or airports that may be cheaper or more convenient for travellers.

The services of business travel agents don’t end once a booking is made. Many agents offer additional services such as arranging airport transfers, providing visas and organising accommodation. This means businesses don’t have to worry about any additional arrangements when travelling abroad.


Business travel agents offer an invaluable service for companies who need assistance when planning business trips. Agents have access to exclusive fares, can coordinate multiple travellers, help arrange airport transfers and visas and provide advice on destinations and best deals available. Ultimately they make life easier for companies by taking care of all the details associated with business travel.