What Do Girls Wear Backpacking?

By Anna Duncan

Backpacking is an increasingly popular activity for both men and women, and while the essential equipment is often the same, there are some differences in clothing that should be noted when deciding what to wear. Specifically, there are some special considerations for what do girls wear backpacking.

When it comes to basics, girls should opt for clothing that is lightweight, durable and breathable. For bottoms, synthetic or wool fabrics are best.

Hiking pants or shorts are ideal for backpacking because they provide extra protection from the elements like sun and wind. On top, a lightweight T-shirt or tank top can be layered with a long-sleeve shirt for extra coverage. Girls should also consider wearing a hat with a wide brim to protect from the sun and keep hair out of their face when trekking through terrain.

When it comes to footwear, girls will want to opt for shoes that provide adequate ankle support and cushioning. Hiking boots are best suited for more rugged terrain while trail running shoes are better suited for short day hikes on flat trails. Girls should also consider bringing along an extra pair of socks in case their feet get wet or uncomfortable during their hike.

In terms of accessories, girls may want to bring along a backpack with enough pockets for supplies like snacks and sunscreen as well as a bandanna or scarf which can be useful in hot weather or cold temperatures depending on the climate they’re hiking in. Additionally, they may want to pack a lightweight rain jacket in case of inclement weather so they don’t get stuck out in the elements without any protection.


Overall, when deciding what do girls wear backpacking it is important to opt for clothing that is lightweight, breathable and durable as well as supportive footwear and accessories that can be tailored to whatever climate they’re hiking in. With these tips in mind, girls can confidently embark on their backpacking adventures ready to take on any terrain.