What Do Pineapples Mean on a Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

Pineapples are a popular symbol of hospitality and welcoming guests, which is why they’re often seen on cruise ships. Cruise ships strive to make their passengers feel welcomed and cared for and the pineapple is just one way they do that.

The pineapple symbol has been around since ancient times, but it wasn’t until the early 1700s that it was adopted as a sign of hospitality. At the time, seafaring merchants would bring pineapples back from their travels in the Caribbean and give them to hosts upon their return home. As the pineapple was a rare and expensive item at that time, it became a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Today, having a pineapple on your cruise ship is still an important way to show hospitality to your guests. The appearance of a pineapple on a ship can be seen as an indication that the crew cares about their passengers’ experience and wants them to feel welcome. It’s also an indication of luxury; since pineapples are still relatively expensive in some parts of the world, having one onboard shows that your cruise line takes its passengers’ comfort seriously.

Modern-day cruise ships have taken this tradition even further by using pineapples in other ways to welcome guests. For example, some ships feature art installations featuring pineapples in various places throughout the ship, while others may have sculptures or decorative pieces featuring pineapples in different areas of the ship. Some ships may even have Pineapple Welcome Drinks or similar special drinks made with fresh pineapple juice for guests upon arrival.

Overall, pineapples on cruise ships are more than just decorations; they represent an important tradition of hospitality and luxury travel. Having pineapples onboard is indicative of a cruise line’s commitment to providing their passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their travels at sea.

In conclusion, having pineapples onboard a cruise ship is an important way for crews to show hospitality towards their passengers and make them feel welcome during their voyage at sea. Pineapples also indicate luxury since they are still relatively expensive in some parts of the world, showing that your cruise line takes its passengers’ comfort seriously when providing them with exceptional experiences during their holiday at sea.