What Do You Do With Water When Backpacking?

By Michael Ferguson

Backpacking with Water: Tips for the Outdoorsy Adventurer

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, you know that water is essential to maintaining your health and safety when backpacking. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer excursion, staying hydrated is key to keeping your energy levels up and your spirits high. But how do you make sure you have enough water for your journey? The answer is simple: plan ahead! Here are some tips for ensuring you have enough water for your backpacking trip.

Carry a Water Filter:

Investing in a water filter can be one of the best decisions you make before embarking on your outdoor adventure. These devices allow you to drink directly from natural sources like rivers and streams, filtering out bacteria and other contaminants that could make you sick. This can save you time, energy, and money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water or collect containers of freshwater along the way.

Carry a Spare Container:

It’s a good idea to carry an extra container of water in case of emergency or if there are no natural sources nearby. Carrying an extra one-liter bottle can be especially helpful if it looks like the weather will be hot or if there’s not much shade along the trail. A collapsible container can also come in handy since it won’t take up too much room in your pack.

Plan Your Route Around Water Sources:

When mapping out your route, try to plan it around natural sources of freshwater so that you don’t have to carry too much with you at once. Look into local lakes, rivers, creeks, and even springs as potential sources of drinking water; although it might not always be safe to drink directly from these sources, they can provide a valuable source of replenishment if necessary.


Backpacking with enough water is critical for staying healthy and safe in the outdoors. By carrying a filter and spare container, planning your route around natural sources, and being mindful of weather conditions, you can ensure that there will always be plenty of H20 during your outdoor adventures!