What Do You Give for a Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

When it comes to destination weddings, the gifts can often be difficult. After all, if you’re traveling a long way for the special day, you don’t want to carry a bunch of bulky items along with you. Plus, the couple may already have many of the traditional items that would normally make up a wedding registry. So what do you give for a destination wedding?

Here are some thoughtful ideas:

1. A Monetary Gift:

Money is always appreciated and can help defray the cost of the wedding or honeymoon expenses. You can put your money in an envelope or card and present it at the reception.

2. A Personalized Gift:

A personalized gift is always appreciated, especially since the couple may already have many of the traditional items that would make up a wedding registry. Consider giving them something unique such as a photo album or framed photo from their engagement shoot or honeymoon.

3. A Sentimental Gift:

Sentimental gifts can be just as meaningful as monetary or personalized gifts. Think about something special that reflects your relationship with the couple and their love for each other — such as a custom-made quilt with photos from their courtship or an engraved keepsake box filled with mementos from their journey together.

4. An Experiential Gift:

Experiential gifts are becoming increasingly popular and provide couples with unique opportunities to create lasting memories on their special day — like tickets to an event in their honeymoon destination or a hot-air balloon ride over an exotic locale.


When it comes to destination weddings, thoughtful gifts are essential — especially if you’re traveling far and wide for the special day. Consider giving them something meaningful like money, personalized items, sentimental gifts, or experiential gifts they can enjoy together on their honeymoon.