What Does American Express Business Travel Do?

By Anna Duncan

What Does American Express Business Travel Do?

American Express Business Travel is the world’s leading business travel management company. It provides corporate travel services to companies of all sizes, helping them reduce costs, streamline processes and improve the overall quality of their business trips. With an extensive network of global partners, American Express Business Travel offers comprehensive solutions for every aspect of corporate travel planning.

From booking flights, hotels and rental cars to arranging ground transportation, American Express Business Travel can help companies plan the entire trip from start to finish. The company also provides a wide range of services such as passenger assistance, baggage tracking and real-time updates on flight schedules and availability. With its full suite of integrated technology solutions and a commitment to customer service excellence, American Express Business Travel helps ensure that companies get the most out of their business travels.

American Express Business Travel also offers specialized services for large groups or co-workers traveling together. Through its GroupTravel program, American Express can help companies manage group bookings more efficiently by providing convenient online booking tools and discounts on airfare for large groups. Additionally, American Express can assist in coordinating ground transportation for large groups as well as offering additional services such as ticketing assistance and airport VIP lounge access.

Overall, American Express Business Travel is a one-stop shop for all corporate travel needs. From booking flights to arranging ground transportation and managing group bookings, the company can provide comprehensive solutions to make sure your business travels go smoothly every time.

American Express Business Travel is an invaluable resource for any organization with employees who need to travel domestically or internationally on behalf of the company. With its integrated technology solutions and commitment to customer service excellence, this business travel management company helps businesses get the most out of their trips while reducing costs and streamlining processes along the way.