What Does an Entertainment Host Do on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ship entertainment hosts are an integral part of the ship’s activities and entertainment. On a typical cruise, entertainment hosts help to create a lively atmosphere for passengers by providing exciting activities, games, and shows. They also help organize special events such as weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations.

The duties of an entertainment host vary depending on the size and type of cruise ship. On small to mid-sized vessels, the host may be responsible for providing daily activities such as bingo, trivia games, karaoke nights and more. On larger ships they may be in charge of organizing larger events such as comedy shows or themed parties.

In addition to providing activities and entertainment for passengers onboard the ship, the host is also responsible for interacting with passengers in order to ensure their safety and security while onboard. This includes monitoring passenger behavior on decks and in cabins, reporting any suspicious activity or safety concerns to the captain immediately.

The job description of an entertainment host also includes some administrative tasks such as helping passengers book shore excursions or arranging transportation when they disembark from the ship. Hosts should also be knowledgeable about the ports of call so they can advise passengers about local customs and provide information about attractions available at each port.


An entertainment host on a cruise ship is responsible for creating a fun atmosphere onboard by providing exciting activities and shows for passengers. They are also charged with ensuring passenger safety while onboard by monitoring behavior and reporting any suspicious activity or safety concerns to the captain immediately. In addition to this, they may help passengers book shore excursions or arrange transportation when disembarking from the ship.