What Does It Cost to Live on a Cruise Ship Full Time?

By Alice Nichols

For the adventurous and budget-conscious, the idea of living on a cruise ship full time may be a tantalizing one. After all, if you could find a way to pay for your travels, you’d have a chance to explore the world and experience life in exotic destinations. Unfortunately, living on a cruise ship full time isn’t quite as cheap as it may seem at first glance.

Accommodation Costs

The cost of living on board the ship will depend on the type of cabin you choose. Generally speaking, there’s a wide range of cabin options available to choose from, ranging from uber-luxurious suites to less luxurious options that are more affordable. The cost of your accommodation will depend largely on what type of cabin you select and how long your stay is.

Food Costs

The cost of food is another major factor when it comes to living on board a cruise ship full time. While some cruises offer all-inclusive packages that cover all meals, others offer more flexible options that allow passengers to purchase individual meals or day passes for dining in certain restaurants or buffets.

Entertainment Costs

When living on board a cruise ship full time, there are plenty of entertainment options available for passengers. From swimming pools and rock climbing walls to live music performances and special events like theme nights and karaoke nights – there’s always something going on aboard the vessel. However, many of these activities come at an additional cost – so keep that in mind when considering the total cost of your voyage.

Other Expenses

In addition to accommodation costs, food costs, and entertainment costs – there are several other expenses associated with living on board a cruise ship full time such as port fees, taxes, gratuities for staff members, laundry services and so forth. All these add up quickly and should be taken into account when calculating the total cost of living aboard the vessel.


Living aboard a cruise ship full time can be an exciting experience but it comes with its own set of expenses that should be taken into consideration before taking such an adventurous journey. Accommodation costs can vary depending on which type of cabin you choose while food costs will depend largely upon whether you opt for an all-inclusive package or individual meals/day passes.

Entertainment costs also need to be factored in as well as any additional expenses such as port fees or gratuities for staff members. All things considered – what does it cost to live onboard a cruise ship full time? It depends greatly upon individual choices but generally speaking it can range from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive depending upon how luxurious one wishes their voyage to be!