What Does Mother of Bride Wear to Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

For the mother of the bride, selecting the perfect outfit for a destination wedding can be a challenging task. After all, she wants to look beautiful and stylish while still being comfortable and appropriate for the event.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the weather at your destination wedding location. If it’s in a tropical setting, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen are best. A sleeveless dress or top with a light skirt is an ideal choice for hot climates.

For cooler destinations, consider heavier fabrics such as wool or velvet. Floral prints are always great for beach weddings, but make sure to pick one with muted colors that won’t clash with the bride’s gown.

Another important factor to consider is the formality of the event itself. Destination weddings can range from casual beachside events to more formal affairs held at luxury resorts or villas.

For casual occasions, go for a more relaxed look with softer colors and flowy fabrics like chiffon or silk. If it’s a black-tie affair, opt for something more glamorous like a long evening gown or cocktail dress.

Finally, keep in mind that you want to look elegant without upstaging the bride on her special day! Go for neutral colors such as navy blue or beige that will complement her wedding dress without drawing too much attention away from her.


Finding the perfect outfit for your daughter’s destination wedding as mother of the bride requires careful consideration. From taking into account weather conditions and formality of the event to selecting colors that won’t upstage your daughter’s bridal gown, following these guidelines will ensure you look beautiful and age-appropriate without stealing her thunder.