What Does the Bathroom Look Like on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are often considered a luxury vacation, with many amenities and activities that you can’t find anywhere else. One thing that stands out on a cruise ship is the bathroom. Most cruise ships have multiple bathrooms, with each one offering a unique design and luxurious feel. The bathrooms on a cruise ship are often larger than the ones you will find at home, and they come with various amenities such as bidets, showers, and even spa tubs.

The bathrooms on most cruise ships are typically decorated in a modern style. They often feature marble or granite surfaces and stainless steel fixtures. The walls are usually adorned with artwork or mosaics in various colors and textures.

Many of the bathrooms also have large mirrors that span an entire wall, giving passengers a great view of their reflection while they get ready for the day.

The showers on cruise ships are typically large enough to fit multiple people at once. They often come equipped with rainfall shower heads and adjustable water pressure settings for optimal comfort. The showers also typically have built-in benches for passengers to sit on while showering.

Cruise ship bathrooms also feature bidets that are perfect for getting cleaned up after using the restroom. They come equipped with temperature control settings so passengers can enjoy a warm or cool wash depending on their preference. The bidets also feature air dryers to help keep passengers clean and dry.

Finally, many of the luxury cruise ships offer spa tubs in their bathrooms as well. These tubs provide an extra level of relaxation for passengers who want to soak in hot water while enjoying views of the ocean or other scenery outside the cabin window.


All in all, cruise ship bathrooms offer an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort compared to what you would find at home. With spacious layouts, modern decor, high-end fixtures, multiple showers, bidets, and even spa tubs available in some cabins, you can rest assured that your bathroom experience will be nothing short of luxurious when you’re on board a cruise ship!