What Does the Bride and Groom Pay for at a Destination Wedding?

By Michael Ferguson

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as couples look to add a unique flair to their special day and create memories that will last a lifetime. But with the increased cost of travel and accommodations, it can be difficult to know who is responsible for what expenses when planning a destination wedding.

The first thing couples should decide is who is actually paying for the wedding.

Most of the time, the bride’s family pays for the majority of the costs associated with a wedding, including both the ceremony and reception. However, in some cases, both families may decide to split or share the costs. This can be especially true if both families are giving their children an equal amount of money for their wedding.

When it comes to destination weddings specifically, there are several additional costs that must be taken into consideration. The bride and groom are typically responsible for paying for all of their travel expenses as well as any accommodations they may need while away from home. They should also plan to cover any additional fees associated with hosting a wedding outside of their home city or state.

The bride and groom are also responsible for covering any permits or licenses needed in order to hold a ceremony at the destination they have chosen. This includes things like obtaining permission from local authorities or paying fees associated with using public spaces or parks as part of the ceremony.

In addition to these costs, couples should also remember that they will be expected to cover all catering costs related to their destination wedding. This includes food and drinks for both guests and vendors as well as rental fees for tables, chairs, linens and other necessary items.


When planning a destination wedding, couples should remember that they are typically responsible for covering all travel expenses as well as any permits or licenses required by local authorities at the destination venue. They should also plan on covering all catering-related costs such as food, drinks, tables and chairs rentals. With careful planning and budgeting couples can make sure they have everything covered when it comes to their dream destination wedding.