What Does the Captain’s Cabin on a Cruise Ship Look Like?

By Alice Nichols

The captain’s cabin, or quarters, on a cruise ship is one of the most interesting places aboard the vessel. It is where the captain of the ship lives and works and is a place of great importance.

The cabin is usually located at the highest point on the vessel, on the bridge or navigation deck. This provides an excellent view of the ocean and surrounding scenery for the captain.

The cabin itself has all of the amenities one would expect from a high-end hotel suite. It typically features a spacious bedroom with a large bed, nightstands and dressers for storage, and sometimes even a fireplace.

The bathroom usually includes a shower, toilet, and sink. There is also often a living area with comfortable seating, which may include chairs, couches, coffee tables, entertainment centers and televisions.

In addition to these comforts, there are also some more practical amenities in the captain’s cabin. These include desks for work purposes, computers with internet access for communication with other ships in the fleet or on land, maps for plotting courses and navigation charts for studying weather patterns and other oceanic information.

The captain’s cabin also typically features artwork that helps to make it feel more like home. This may include landscape paintings of exotic ports visited during voyages or framed photographs taken during shore excursions.


The captain’s cabin on a cruise ship is truly a unique place that offers luxury accommodations as well as all of the necessary tools needed to run an efficient vessel. With its comfortable bedroom suite, living area complete with entertainment center and artwork to make it feel more like home—the captain’s cabin is definitely fit for royalty!