What Does Youth Staff Do on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships offer a world of experiences, and the youth staff on board are an integral part of making sure that the vacation is memorable for all ages. Youth staff on cruise ships provide a variety of services, from entertaining and educating younger passengers to providing adult supervision.


The entertainment staff of a cruise ship is responsible for creating memorable experiences for their younger passengers. This can include organizing games, activities, and shows specifically designed for children. They may also lead themed parties, such as movie nights or costume contests.

Educational Programs

Youth staff may also be responsible for providing educational programs for their passengers. These programs can range from arts and crafts classes to science experiments or language classes. These activities are designed to help keep younger passengers engaged during their vacation and help them learn something new in the process.


Youth staff is also responsible for providing adult supervision when needed. This includes monitoring activity areas or pools to make sure that the guests are safe and being respectful of each other’s space. They may also be responsible for helping out in the event of an emergency situation, such as a medical emergency or any other type of incident that requires additional assistance from qualified personnel.


Youth staff on cruise ships provide an important service by ensuring that all passengers have a safe and enjoyable time while they are aboard the ship. Their duties range from entertainment programming to educational activities to providing adult supervision when needed. By fulfilling these roles, youth staff helps create memories that last a lifetime.