What Happened to the Cruise Ship in Venice?

By Alice Nichols

On 13 June 2020, the cruise ship MSC Magnifica made an unexpected arrival in Venice, Italy. This caused a lot of controversy as the city has been trying to limit cruise ships from entering its lagoon due to environmental concerns.

The MSC Magnifica had requested permission to dock in Venice and take on supplies, but the request had been denied by the mayor of Venice. Despite this, the ship arrived and spent several hours in the lagoon before leaving again.

The incident caused outrage amongst local residents and environmental activists who were already concerned about the impact that cruise ships have on Venice’s fragile ecosystem. Cruise ships generate a lot of pollution and noise, which can damage marine life and disrupt local life. They also carry thousands of tourists into an area that is already struggling under high levels of tourism.

In response to the incident, Italian authorities have launched an investigation into whether or not the MSC Magnifica broke maritime laws by entering the lagoon without permission. The ship’s owners have denied any wrongdoing but are now facing possible fines and other penalties if found guilty. In addition, there have been calls for stricter regulations on cruise ships in Venice, including a ban on large vessels entering the lagoon altogether.

The incident has highlighted once again just how vulnerable Venice is to human activity and how important it is to protect its unique environment. If action is not taken soon then this UNESCO world heritage site could be irreversibly damaged and lost forever.


The incident with MSC Magnifica has brought attention to how fragile Venice’s environment is and how important it is for stronger regulations to be put in place in order to protect it from further damage caused by human activity like cruise ships. Without these measures in place soon, this UNESCO world heritage site could be lost forever.