What Happened to the Grandfather Who Dropped the Baby on the Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

It was a day that no one on board the cruise ship will soon forget. On June 19, 2019, an elderly grandfather, James Jones, had been out for a stroll on the deck of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, when he suddenly dropped his infant grandchild onto the deck below.

The incident occurred as Jones was attempting to calm his crying grandchild. He had been holding the baby in his arms when he suddenly lost his balance and dropped the infant onto the deck below. The impact of the fall was so great that it caused serious injuries to the baby’s head and body.

The baby was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors were able to stabilize him. After a few days, however, they determined that he would need to be transferred to a specialized medical facility in order to receive more advanced care. Fortunately, with specialized treatment and medication, the baby made a full recovery and was eventually released from hospital care with no long-term injuries or disabilities.

As for Jones himself, he suffered from tremendous guilt and remorse over what had happened. He took full responsibility for his actions and apologized profusely for dropping his grandchild onto the deck of the cruise ship. To make matters worse, Jones was arrested by local police and charged with child endangerment due to his negligence in handling his grandson on board the cruise ship.

Jones faced many months of legal proceedings as a result of this incident; however, despite all this stress and guilt that he experienced throughout this time period, he eventually received probation rather than jail time due to mitigating circumstances such as his age and lack of criminal record prior to this incident.

In conclusion, what happened to James Jones after dropping his grandchild on board that cruise ship? Despite facing legal charges due to child endangerment, he ultimately received probation instead of jail time due to mitigating circumstances such as his advanced age and lack of criminal record prior to this incident. Fortunately for all involved, despite suffering from serious injuries at first glance following this accident, the baby made a full recovery thanks to specialized treatment at nearby hospitals.