What Happened to the Viking Sun Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The Viking Sun Cruise ship was a luxury cruise liner that first set sail in August 2016. It was the largest ship ever built by Viking Ocean Cruises, with a capacity of 930 passengers and 575 crew members. The ship was equipped with all the latest amenities and was designed to provide passengers with the most luxurious experience possible.

However, in July 2018, the Viking Sun Cruise ship suddenly disappeared from service. Reports suggest that the ship suffered severe engine problems and had to be abandoned at sea. This meant that all passengers and crew were forced to abandon the vessel.

The news of the disappearance of the Viking Sun Cruise Ship sent shockwaves through the cruise industry. It left many people wondering what had happened to such an advanced vessel. After months of speculation, it was eventually revealed that a fire had broken out on board, causing extensive damage to the engine room and other areas of the ship.

The cause of this fire is still unknown, but some believe it could have been caused by an electrical fault or a mechanical malfunction in one of the engines. Whatever caused it, it resulted in significant damage to much of the interior and exterior of the ship, including its cabins and other features. As a result, Viking Ocean Cruises decided to take it off their fleet permanently.

Since then, Viking Ocean Cruises has replaced their flagship vessel with another luxury cruise liner called ‘Viking Star’. This new vessel is even larger than its predecessor and comes equipped with many modern amenities such as an infinity pool, high-end restaurants and even an onboard spa!

All in all, while we may never know exactly what happened to the Viking Sun Cruise Ship, we can be sure that its replacement – The Viking Star – will continue providing its guests with an unforgettable experience for years to come!


What happened to The Viking Sun Cruise Ship remains unclear; however, it is believed that a fire broke out on board which resulted in significant damage to its engine room as well as other areas inside and outside of it. As a result of this incident, Viking Ocean Cruises decided to take it off their fleet permanently and replace it with another luxury cruise liner called ‘Viking Star’.