What Happens if Someone Goes Overboard on Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

Going overboard on a cruise ship is a serious matter. It can lead to tragedy, and is something that should be avoided at all costs. But what really happens if someone goes overboard on a cruise ship?

When someone goes overboard on a cruise ship, the first thing the crew will do is sound the alarm. This will alert other passengers and crew members that there is an emergency situation. The captain of the ship will then order a man overboard drill to locate the person who has gone overboard.

The drill involves throwing life buoys, deploying search teams, and using sonar to locate the person in the water.

Once the person is located in the water, rescue boats are deployed to bring them back onboard. The crew will also throw life lines, which are ropes with hooks attached at one end, into the water for those who may have difficulty swimming back to safety.

The Coast Guard may also be contacted in order to assist with locating and rescuing someone who has gone overboard from a cruise ship. They can deploy helicopters or boats to help locate and recover anyone lost at sea.

Preventing Going Overboard

The best way to prevent going overboard on a cruise ship is by being aware of your surroundings and taking safety precautions when out on deck or near railings. It’s important to stay away from railings when intoxicated or feeling unbalanced, wear proper footwear while out on deck, and keep children away from railings unless they’re supervised.


Going overboard on a cruise ship is an extremely serious situation that can lead to tragedy if not handled properly. Cruise ships have protocols in place for responding quickly when someone goes overboard so that they can be located and rescued as quickly as possible. Following safety precautions while onboard will help reduce the chances of someone going overboard in the first place.