What Is a Business Travel Manager?

By Anna Duncan

A business travel manager is a professional who specializes in the organization and implementation of business travel. Business travel managers are responsible for the planning, booking, and management of travel services for their organizations. They must be knowledgeable about the various types of transportation and lodging available, as well as the best methods to ensure cost-effective solutions that meet their company’s needs.

Business travel managers must have strong communication skills, as they are often responsible for coordinating travel arrangements between multiple departments within an organization. They must be able to effectively communicate with a variety of people, including executives, corporate travelers, vendors, and suppliers in order to secure competitive rates and services. Additionally, they must possess excellent time-management skills in order to ensure that all aspects of the trip are properly planned and executed.

Business travel managers must also be well-versed in international laws regarding visa requirements and other paperwork related to traveling abroad.

Business travel managers have an important role in helping companies save money on business trips. They are able to research and negotiate prices with vendors such as airlines and hotels to get the most competitive deals for their clients. They may also be responsible for researching into special deals or discounts that can help lower costs even further. In addition to saving money on transportation costs, business travel managers are also responsible for arranging accommodations that meet the needs of their clients.

The job of a business travel manager is not only important but also demanding. It requires knowledge of both domestic and international destinations, familiarity with hotel chains, airlines, car rental companies, and other service providers; as well as an understanding of policies related to safety regulations, health regulations, environmental regulations etc.


A business travel manager is a professional who specializes in organizing corporate trips by researching competitive rates on transportation costs and arranging accommodations that meet the client’s needs. Business Travel Managers possess strong communication skills along with excellent time-management abilities in order to coordinate successful trips while adhering to safety regulations, health regulations etc. Ultimately a Business Travel Manager is integral in helping companies save money on business trips by researching into special discounts or deals.