What Is a Connecting Room on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

A connecting room on a cruise ship is a type of accommodation that offers more privacy and space than the traditional cabin. Connecting rooms are two bedrooms that are connected by an interior door. This type of suite is ideal for families or groups of friends who wish to have their own private space, but still have the convenience of being in close proximity to each other.

Benefits of a Connecting Room

The main advantage of having a connecting room on a cruise ship is the added privacy it provides. Not only do you have your own bedroom and bathroom, but you also have the benefit of being able to access your friends’ or family members’ room without having to leave yours. This makes it much easier to socialize and spend time together without having to worry about overcrowding or disturbance from other passengers. Additionally, connecting rooms often offer more spacious accommodations with separate living areas, making them perfect for larger groups or families who need extra space and comfort.

Types of Connecting Rooms

Connecting rooms come in various sizes and configurations depending on the cruise line.

The most common types are adjoining suites, which offer two bedrooms with one shared bathroom; duplexes, which provide two bedrooms with two bathrooms; and triplexes, which include three bedrooms with three bathrooms. Each type has its own advantages; for instance, duplexes may be better suited for large groups since they offer more private bathrooms per person, while triplexes may offer more space if you’re looking for additional living area.

Costs Associated With Connecting Rooms

The cost of a connecting room on a cruise ship will vary depending on the size and configuration you choose as well as the specific cruise line. Generally speaking, connecting rooms tend to be more expensive than traditional cabins due to their extra amenities and privacy they provide. However, they also often come with special discounts or packages that can help make them more affordable if you’re traveling as part of a group or family.

A connecting room on a cruise ship can provide an ideal solution for families or groups looking for additional privacy and comfort during their voyage. By offering both added space and separate living areas, these types of suites can make sharing an ocean-view experience much easier – allowing everyone in your party to enjoy all the fun activities that cruising has to offer!


Connecting rooms on a cruise ship provide extra privacy and comfort when travelling as part of a family or group by offering separate bedrooms connected by an interior door along with additional living area options such as adjoining suites, duplexes or triplexes depending on the size needed. Costs vary between different configurations and cruise lines but there are often special discounts available if travelling as part of a group making them an attractive option for those wanting more space during their voyage!