What Is a Ghost Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

A ghost cruise ship is a vessel that has been abandoned or left to drift at sea. It is typically a large cargo or passenger ship, but sometimes small fishing boats and yachts may be classified as ghost cruise ships as well. The phenomenon of ghost cruise ships is often associated with the eerie stories and legends of haunted vessels that sail the seas for eternity.

The most common cause of a ghost cruise ship is financial difficulty; when the cost of running the vessel becomes too high, the owners may leave it adrift at sea in order to avoid paying for maintenance and docking fees. In some cases, vessels have been deliberately abandoned in order to avoid legal issues such as unpaid crew wages or evading taxes and other debts.

Weather-related events such as storms can also lead to a vessel being abandoned at sea, with the crew unable to make it back to shore due to strong winds and waves. This can be extremely dangerous for those on board, who may find themselves stranded without food or water until they are rescued.

Over time, these ghostly vessels can become lost in time and forgotten by their owners or operators. In recent years, advances in maritime technology have made it easier for authorities to track down abandoned vessels, though many remain unaccounted for today. These so-called ‘ghost ships’ have become something of an urban legend; while there have been some reports of ships being sighted off the coasts of America and Europe, their origins remain unknown.

The idea of a ‘ghost cruise ship’ has become popular in recent years due to its mysterious nature; from horror films featuring such vessels onscreen, to historical accounts of similar events occurring throughout history – tales about these eerie vessels continue to fascinate people around the world.


In summary, a ghost cruise ship is any abandoned vessel that has been left adrift at sea for an extended period of time; often caused by financial difficulty or weather-related conditions beyond human control. These mysterious vessels have inspired myths and legends throughout history, becoming something of an urban legend today – with no clear explanation as to what happened aboard them before they were left drifting aimlessly on the open ocean.