What Is a Virtual Balcony on Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

In the past, cruise ships were all about the physical experience: being able to explore exotic ports and make memories along the way. With the rise of technology, however, cruise ships are now incorporating virtual experiences into the mix. One of these virtual components is a virtual balcony, which allows you to get a view of the sea without actually being on deck.

A virtual balcony is an interactive screen that provides a live view of what’s happening outside your room. It’s essentially like having a picture window in your cabin – except it’s not real! The balcony displays visuals captured by cameras placed outside the ship and even gives passengers access to special underwater views that can only be seen through the virtual balcony screens.

Virtual balconies are becoming increasingly popular on newer cruise ships as they provide an immersive experience for passengers who may not have access to an actual balcony cabin. The screens are usually larger than traditional televisions and come equipped with surround sound speakers so you can hear everything going on outside. In addition, many cruise lines offer interactive features such as live webcams so you can see what’s happening in real time from anywhere in the world.

The concept of a virtual balcony also extends beyond just viewing what’s happening outside your room; some cruise lines have begun using virtual balconies in common areas. This means passengers can enjoy a live view of the ocean from anywhere on board! This feature is particularly useful for those unable to make it out onto deck due to mobility issues or inclement weather.

Virtual balconies offer passengers a unique way to experience their cruise without ever having to leave their cabin! They provide stunning views from anywhere on board and allow passengers to stay connected with what’s happening around them. From ocean views to underwater scenes, there’s something for everyone with these innovative screens – making them one of the most exciting features on modern cruise ships today.


A virtual balcony is an innovative feature found on many modern cruise ships that gives passengers an immersive experience without ever leaving their cabin or common areas. It provides stunning visuals captured by cameras placed outside the ship, allowing passengers to stay connected with what’s going on around them while enjoying breathtaking views from anywhere on board! With its interactive features and unbeatable views, it’s no wonder why virtual balconies have become such a popular addition to modern cruises.