What Is a Wear White Party on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

A wear white party on a cruise ship is an event in which passengers are encouraged to dress in all white attire for one night during their voyage. These events have become increasingly popular on most modern cruise ships, and are often hosted by the onboard entertainment staff. The idea behind these parties is to create a festive atmosphere and to encourage passengers to mingle and make new friends.

At a wear white party, guests are typically asked to wear some form of white clothing, from head-to-toe all-white looks to just accent pieces like scarves, shoes or jewelry. Guests can also accessorize with colorful items like hats, purses or even parasols. The dress code usually extends beyond clothing as well, with many ships encouraging guests to bring in festive decorations such as banners or balloons that match the color scheme.

After the guests arrive dressed in their best whites, they are usually treated to a night of dancing, music and games. The entertainment staff may organize various activities such as limbo competitions or group karaoke sessions.

They may also provide drinks and snacks throughout the evening. As the night winds down, guests can relax with a drink at one of the lounge bars or take part in midnight pool parties.

Wear white parties offer something for everyone and are a great way for cruisers to socialize and make new friends while enjoying their voyage together. It is not uncommon for these events to become large gatherings of people from all walks of life united by the common theme of dressing up in their finest whites.


A wear white party on a cruise ship is an exciting event that encourages passengers to dress up in all white and enjoy a night filled with music and activities. It is an excellent opportunity for cruisers to mingle with each other while having fun at sea.