What Is Aft on Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

An aft on a cruise ship is the rear portion of the vessel. It is the most visible part of the ship when it is in operation and is one of the more popular areas for passengers to spend their time. The aft usually consists of several decks, including outdoor areas such as a pool and sun deck, as well as indoor amenities like restaurants, bars and lounges.

The aft area is situated at the back of the ship and typically features an observation area or terrace. This provides an ideal spot for passengers to take in stunning views of the ocean and any nearby landmarks. Depending on the size of the vessel, there may also be a bandstand or stage situated in this area for live music performances.

The aft’s outdoor decks are often equipped with comfortable chairs and loungers, giving passengers a place to relax in between activities or while they’re out at sea. As well as this, many ships will also have swimming pools located in this area to provide additional entertainment options during sunny days at sea. In addition, there will typically be several bars and restaurants located nearby so that passengers can enjoy drinks and snacks while they soak up the sun.

Cruises are all about providing passengers with an enjoyable experience, so most ships will also have other amenities located in their aft sections too. These might include spas, fitness facilities or even basketball courts so that guests can stay active while they’re away from home. Other popular activities such as mini golf courses or rock climbing walls may also be available depending on the type of cruise being taken.

Overall, an aft on a cruise ship provides passengers with plenty of options for entertainment and relaxation during their voyage. With its stunning views out over the ocean and its range of leisurely activities, it’s no wonder why many people choose to spend much of their time here when sailing away from home.


In conclusion, an aft on a cruise ship offers something for everyone – from relaxation opportunities such as sunbathing or enjoying drinks by the pool to more active pursuits like rock climbing walls or mini golf courses – making it one of the most popular areas on board.