What Is an Infinite Balcony on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

The infinite balcony is a relatively new addition to cruise ships. It’s an innovative feature that allows passengers to enjoy the view from their stateroom without having to step out onto the balcony. The infinite balcony is essentially a large glass window or sliding door that can be opened and closed, giving passengers the feeling of being in an ‘infinite’ space when they are at sea.

The idea behind the infinite balcony is that it provides a unique way for cruise ship passengers to experience the outside world, without having to step out onto the deck. The floor-to-ceiling glass window or door offers an unobstructed view of the sea and sky, as well as of any nearby landmarks or attractions. On some vessels, you may even be able to see dolphins and whales swimming past your ship!

The infinite balcony has become increasingly popular on luxury cruise ships, as it provides a luxurious way for passengers to take in the sights and sounds of their voyage. Not only do they get an amazing view of the ocean, but they also have more privacy than if they were on deck. This makes it ideal for couples who want some quality time together on their holiday.

Infinite balconies are also great for families who want a little extra space and privacy while still enjoying the views from their stateroom. There’s no need to worry about children running around on deck, instead they can relax and watch the scenery from within their own cabin – or even take in a movie!

The best part about an infinite balcony is that it can be opened up or closed depending on how much sunlight you’d like in your room, so you can enjoy natural light during the day and then close it up at night for some peace and quiet. It’s also great for those wanting to avoid direct sunlight during peak hours – simply close off your balcony with its tinted windows!

Overall, having an infinite balcony on board a cruise ship is a great way for passengers to enjoy all of the benefits of being at sea without having to leave their stateroom. From breathtaking views and added privacy, to natural light during peak hours – there are plenty of reasons why this feature has become so popular with cruisers these days!


What Is an Infinite Balcony on a Cruise Ship? An infinite balcony is a large glass window or sliding door that can be opened up or closed depending on desired level of light or privacy. It provides passengers with stunning views of the ocean while still providing them with added privacy compared to being out on deck – making it perfect for couples wanting quality time together or families looking for extra space within their cabin.