What Is Beneath a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ships are some of the largest vessels to ever traverse the seas. With their vast size, they offer an array of activities and amenities from casinos to spas, dining options, and entertainment. But what is beneath a cruise ship?

The lower decks of a cruise ship consist of various mechanical systems, such as the engine room, propulsion and steering systems, electrical power plants, fuel tanks, and other machinery. The engine room is typically located at the lowest level of the ship and houses all the equipment necessary for powering the vessel. It contains the main engines, generators, pumps, compressors, fuel tanks, and electrical control panels.

Above the engine room are several cargo holds that contain supplies for on-board services such as food stores and laundry facilities. These cargo holds also house lifeboats in case of emergency evacuation. The next level is usually reserved for crew quarters or cabins for paying guests.

On upper decks there are public areas such as restaurants, bars, pool areas and lounges for passengers to enjoy during their voyage. Some ships may have additional facilities such as gyms or theaters depending on their size.

All these areas require ventilation systems to keep them comfortable during hot days or humid climates. The top deck is usually reserved for sunbathing or outdoor activities like swimming pools or jacuzzis.


Cruise ships offer an array of amenities designed to make passengers feel comfortable while sailing around the world. Beneath this luxury lies a complex network of mechanical systems that power and propel the vessel across oceans. Cargo holds store supplies and lifeboats while public areas on upper decks provide entertainment options ranging from restaurants to theaters.