What Is Best Backpacking Water Filter?

By Robert Palmer

When it comes to backpacking, having access to clean and safe drinking water is a top priority. But in the wilderness, finding a reliable source of fresh water can be difficult.

That’s why it’s important for backpackers to invest in the best backpacking water filter available. A backpacking water filter is designed specifically for use in the outdoors, and can effectively remove bacteria, protozoa, and other contaminants from water sources found in the wild.

Backpacking water filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from lightweight straw filters that can be tucked into your pocket to large pump-style filters that are ideal for groups. No matter which type of filter you choose, they all work by using a combination of mechanical and chemical filtration methods to purify the water. These systems are designed to remove bacteria such as E. Coli and Giardia as well as sediment and other particulates that may be present in the source water.

When shopping for a backpacking water filter, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences carefully. Different types of filters are suited for different types of travelers – while some may prefer an ultralight straw filter that is easy to carry, others may prefer a more heavy-duty pump-style filter that can handle larger group sizes or longer trips. Additionally, some filters may be better suited for specific environments such as cold climates or high altitudes where there may be additional contaminants present in the source water.

Weight is another important factor when choosing a backpacking water filter – especially if you’re planning on traveling light. Most lightweight options will weigh less than 10 ounces (283g) but if you opt for a larger pump-style filter or an integrated system with extra features like hydration bladders or gravity filters then you can expect your weight load to increase significantly.

The cost of the filter should also be taken into consideration when making your selection – while some models are quite affordable, others with more advanced features will cost significantly more.

No matter which type of backpacking water filter you choose, it’s essential that you use it properly according to manufacturer instructions in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. It’s also important to keep it clean and properly maintained so it will last through multiple uses.


When selecting the best backpacking water filter for your needs, it’s important to consider factors such as weight, cost, type of filtration used, environmental conditions and group size before making your purchase. By taking these factors into consideration when selecting your ideal backpacking water filtration system you will ensure that you have access to safe drinking water during all your outdoor adventures.