What Is Difference Between Cruise and Ship?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise and a ship may sound like the same thing, but they are two distinct types of vessels. A cruise ship is a large, luxurious vessel that sails to multiple destinations. It is typically used for vacations and has many amenities, such as restaurants, bars, casinos, spas, and swimming pools. On the other hand, a ship is a general term for any type of boat or vessel that can transport people or goods from one place to another.

Ships can come in all shapes and sizes and are typically used for transportation purposes rather than leisure.


The most obvious difference between a cruise and a ship is size. Cruise ships usually measure around 1000-2000 feet in length and can carry thousands of passengers at once. They are designed to provide luxury accommodations for extended periods of time. In contrast, ships range in size from small fishing boats to large cargo vessels that can hold hundreds or thousands of tons of goods.


Cruises are primarily used for leisure purposes while ships are used mainly for transportation or commercial activities such as fishing or ferrying goods from one place to another. Cruise ships have large public areas with entertainment options while ships may have some recreational areas but they focus on transporting passengers or cargo efficiently rather than providing comfort and entertainment.


Cruise ships have a wide variety of amenities including restaurants, bars, casinos, spas, swimming pools and other recreational activities. Ships typically do not offer these types of amenities as their primary purpose is transportation rather than recreation.


The cost of a cruise will vary depending on the length and destination but it’s usually more expensive than taking a ship due to the additional amenities offered on board such as food, drinks and entertainment options. Ships tend to be less expensive than cruises since they focus on transporting people or goods rather than providing luxury experiences.


In conclusion, there are several key differences between cruises and ships including size, purpose, amenities and cost. Cruises are larger vessels designed primarily for leisure trips while ships come in all shapes and sizes but are mainly used for transportation purposes. Cruises tend to be more expensive than ships due to their additional amenities while ships focus on transporting people or goods efficiently rather than providing luxury experiences.