What Is Gift Etiquette for a Destination Wedding?

By Anna Duncan

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, with couples jetting off to far-flung destinations to say their ‘I do’s’. While this type of wedding is often an intimate affair between the couple and their closest family and friends, gift etiquette for a destination wedding can be a little tricky.

Gift etiquette for a destination wedding usually depends on the wishes of the couple. Some couples may prefer that guests provide them with a gift, while others may simply appreciate the gesture of having their loved ones travel to be part of their special day.

If the couple has requested that guests bring presents, then it is important to consider how much you can realistically afford. It is not necessary to go over the top and give an extravagant gift – sometimes, something small but thoughtful can be just as meaningful.

Gift Ideas:

Gifts should be thoughtful and unique, taking into consideration the destination location. Here are some ideas:

  • A framed photo from the wedding
  • A souvenir from the destination
  • An airline voucher for a future trip
  • An experience like kayaking or scuba diving
  • A piece of jewelry or artwork from a local shop

Other Considerations:

When giving gifts at a destination wedding it is important to consider other factors such as cost and transportation. If you are travelling with your gift then it needs to fit in your luggage and must adhere to any restrictions imposed by airlines or other transport companies.


Gift etiquette for a destination wedding can vary depending on what the couple wants. Whether you choose to give them something traditional or something more creative, make sure it is within your budget and easy enough for you to transport if necessary.