What Is It Called When You Get Off a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Getting off a cruise ship can be an exciting experience. It marks the end of a wonderful and memorable journey and is often filled with happy anticipation of what awaits you on the pier. But what is this disembarkation process officially called?

The process of leaving a cruise ship is referred to as disembarkation. This term encompasses several steps, such as packing up belongings, gathering luggage, completing customs forms, and finally getting off the vessel. Disembarkation can involve waiting in lines, navigating unfamiliar ports of call and dealing with paperwork.

Cruise ships are also known to have different disembarkation protocols depending on the size of your party and type of voyage. For instance, large groups may be asked to disembark first while single travelers may be asked to wait until the end. Additionally, if you are traveling on a longer voyage that includes multiple ports of call, you may need to complete additional paperwork or go through additional security checks prior to leaving the vessel.

Regardless of the specific protocol, there are certain things passengers should keep in mind when disembarking from a cruise ship. First and foremost, it’s important to arrive at your designated meeting place on time as otherwise you may miss your transport or scheduled activity at your destination. Additionally, remember to check all your luggage before departing and make sure you have all necessary documents in order.


In conclusion, getting off a cruise ship is known as ‘disembarkation’. This term encompasses several steps that must be completed in order for passengers to leave the vessel safely and efficiently. Before disembarking from a cruise ship it’s important for passengers to remember to arrive at their designated meeting place on time, check their luggage for any missing items and make sure they have all necessary documents in order.