What Is Largest Cruise Ship Today?

By Michael Ferguson

The largest cruise ship today is the Symphony of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean vessel. This behemoth measures an astounding 1,184 feet in length and 215.5 feet in width, making it the largest passenger ship ever built. It accommodates up to 6,680 passengers and 2,200 crew members, and features a whopping 22 decks with an array of amenities including two water slides, two rock-climbing walls and two surf simulators.

The Symphony of the Seas was designed by STX France for Royal Caribbean International and was first launched in 2018. It has been homeported in Barcelona, Spain and currently sails around the Mediterranean Sea during summertime and to the Caribbean during wintertime. The ship has a total gross tonnage of 228,081 tons and has accommodations ranging from interior cabins to duplex suites with balconies that provide panoramic views.

The Symphony of the Seas is powered by four Wartsila 20V46 diesel engines along with two gas turbines that generate a total power output of 88 megawatts. In addition to its impressive size and power output, this cruise ship also boasts a wealth of amenities such as an outdoor movie screen for nighttime movies under the stars, numerous restaurants serving culinary delights from around the world and even a full-service spa complete with sauna and hot tubs. There are also numerous lounges for socializing or just relaxing with a drink in hand while enjoying live musical entertainment or karaoke nights.

Onboard activities are plentiful on this vessel as well – some highlights include zip-lining across nine decks high above sea level, watching Broadway shows at sea or spending time at The Perfect Storm water slides or Ultimate Abyss dry slide – both located on Deck 16! And if you’re feeling adventurous you can even participate in laser tag battles or try your hand at virtual reality gaming experiences available onboard.

In conclusion “What Is Largest Cruise Ship Today?” The answer is clear: The Symphony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is currently the world’s largest passenger ship measuring 1,184 feet long with accommodations for up to 6,680 passengers along with plenty of amenities ranging from restaurants to thrilling rides!