What Is the 14 Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

By Michael Ferguson

What Is the 14 Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

The largest cruise ship in the world is Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, measuring 228,081 gross registered tons. This behemoth of a vessel can accommodate 5,518 passengers and 2,193 crew members. This record-breaking vessel was launched in 2018 and is part of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class vessels.

Symphony of the Seas was designed with an impressive array of features and amenities to provide passengers with an unforgettable experience on board. From 18 decks and numerous dining options to an interactive aqua park, the ship offers something for everyone. The vessel also boasts 24-hour entertainment throughout its 17 guest decks, including Broadway-style shows, karaoke bars, casinos and more.

The Royal Caribbean Oasis Class vessels have become some of the most popular ships in their fleet due to their size and amenities. Some other notable vessels from this class include Harmony of the Seas (226,963 gross registered tons) and Allure of the Seas (225,282 gross registered tons). These ships are all longer than 1,100 feet and offer plenty of space and activities for cruise goers to enjoy.

The next largest cruise ship after Symphony of the Seas is MSC Meraviglia at 171,598 gross registered tons. Other notable vessels include Carnival Vista (135,500 gross registered tons), Norwegian Escape (155,873 gross registered tons) and Quantum of the Seas (168,666 gross registered tons).

No matter which cruise you choose to embark on; one thing is certain: you will be sailing on one of the biggest ships in existence! As cruise lines continue to build ever larger vessels capable of accommodating more guests than ever before; it is clear that size does matter when it comes to cruising!

Conclusion: Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of The Seas tops the list as being the largest cruise ship in existence with a staggering 228,081 gross register tonnage. It offers 18 decks full of impressive amenities as well as ample dining options for its 5500+ passengers. Other notable large ships include MSC Meraviglia at 171,598 GRT; Carnival Vista at 135 500 GRT; Norwegian Escape at 155 873 GRT; Quantum Of The Seas at 168 666 GRT respectively – proving that size does indeed matter when it comes to luxury cruising!