What Is the Balcony on a Cruise Ship Called?

By Anna Duncan

A cruise ship balcony is an outdoor area that provides breathtaking oceanic views, fresh air, and sunshine. It’s the perfect place to relax and take in all the beauty of being on the open seas. Cruise ship balconies are also referred to as verandas, promenades, or lanai decks.


A veranda is a private balcony overlooking the ocean. It’s typically found on the uppermost deck of the ship and can be accessed through a sliding glass door or French doors from inside your stateroom. Verandas offer a great view of the sea with seating areas that are either enclosed or open-air, depending on their design.


The promenade is a public deck that runs along the length of the ship, usually one deck below the veranda. Promenades are a popular spot for passengers to take leisurely strolls around the ship while admiring its interior decoration and enjoying views of both land and sea. Some ships even offer cinemas and shops along their promenades for passengers to enjoy throughout their voyage.

Lanai Deck

Lanai decks are balconies located between two staterooms on large cruise ships. The balconies usually feature two chairs, a small table and a few potted plants as well as access to fresh air and sunshine. Lanai decks can also provide stunning coastal views during certain times of day or night.

In conclusion, cruise ship balconies come in many different forms; they can be referred to as verandas, promenades or lanai decks depending on their location and design features. Whether you’re looking for some private time with amazing views or want to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer while out at sea, cruise ship balconies provide passengers with an unforgettable experience!