What Is the Best Deck Level on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

When it comes to cruising, choosing the right deck level on a Carnival Cruise ship can make or break your experience. Knowing the pros and cons of each deck level can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget. Here’s a quick guide to the different deck levels and what they offer:

Upper Deck:

The Upper Deck is typically the highest deck on a Carnival Cruise ship, providing passengers with stunning views of the ocean and other ports of call. It’s also one of the most affordable deck levels since it’s generally located farther away from restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Those looking for a more serene experience may find this to be the ideal option.

Mid-Level Deck:

The Mid-Level Deck is often considered the most popular option among cruisers due to its convenient location near all the action. From this spot, you can easily access restaurants, bars, pools, spas, theaters, lounges, and other onboard amenities. You can also expect slightly higher cabin prices than those on the upper decks.

Lower Deck:

The Lower Deck is generally located at the bottom of a Carnival Cruise ship and is home to some of its largest cabins. Although these cabins are typically more spacious than those on other decks levels, they can also be prone to motion sickness due to their close proximity to sea level. For those who are able to tolerate it however; this is often considered one of the best deals available.


When it comes down to choosing what deck level is best for your Carnival Cruise experience; it ultimately depends on your budget and preferences. The Upper Deck provides stunning views but less access to onboard amenities; while Mid-Level Decks offer convenience but at higher cabin prices; and Lower Decks provide spacious cabins but might cause motion sickness for some.