What Is the Biggest Cruise Ship Ever Built?

By Alice Nichols

The biggest cruise ship ever built is the Symphony of the Seas, which was launched in 2018. It is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International, and is a part of their Oasis class fleet.

The Symphony of the Seas is an impressive 1,188 feet long and 215.5 feet wide, making it one of the largest passenger vessels in the world. The total weight of this cruise ship is a whopping 228,081 metric tons!

The Symphony of the Seas can accommodate up to 6,680 guests in its 2,759 cabins across 18 decks. It also has 22 restaurants and 23 bars on board, along with a variety of entertainment venues such as an aqua theatre, laser tag arena, mini golf course and much more.

As for facilities for passengers to enjoy during their stay aboard the cruise ship, there’s a zip line across nine decks and even a Bionic Bar with robot bartenders!

The Symphony of the Seas was designed with advanced technology to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during travel. It has high-tech navigation systems that allow it to detect potential hazards such as icebergs or other ships ahead of time. Additionally, it also features state-of-the-art environmental control systems that are designed to reduce fuel consumption while still providing optimal performance.


The Symphony of the Seas is undoubtedly one of the biggest cruise ships ever built. It boasts impressive dimensions and can accommodate up to 6,680 passengers comfortably during its travels. This massive vessel combines modern technology with luxurious features to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable experience while sailing onboard.